Africa’s Top Safari Vacation Destinations

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Why not spend your days and nights among the lions, elephants, cheetahs, impala, hyena and warthogs in a land abundant with wildlife. You can sit beside a campfire, under a moonlit sky lit brightly with millions of stars. Some of the most exotic, historic and beautiful places in world. The biggest attraction, of course, is the thrill of the hunt, to catch a glimpse of some of our worlds wild and endangered animals. This guide covers the top rated destinations for your next expidition.

1. Tanzania

Along the plains of the Serengeti you can visit this remote location. Herds of animals run free in an untamed wilderness. Serengeti comes from the Masai word Siringit meaning the place where the land runs on forever. The flat grassy plains that make up about a third of the park land. The Serengeti is well known for its wildebeests. Every year two million animals migrate and they are followed closely by predators.

2. Kenya

Kenya is the origional lion-hunters delight. As an observer, you will be able to explore the natural wonders of this regions most recognisable animal. Explore celebrated archaeological sites and important antiquities. There is plenty of shopping for you as well. Special holidays of all kinds are also catered for – Camel Safaris, mountaineering, fishing, and golfing.

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For your safety, do not forget to ensure your trip.
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I want decisions to be based on evidence.


3. East Africa

This is one of the very best destinations in Africa no matter what time of year it is. Each season has its advantages and each area has its best moments. If you have already decided to go on a safari, visit a travel agent specializing in safari vacations to plan an itinerary that will allow you to get the most out of your trip. You can benefit by having a travel agent custom design you vacation and find you the best deals on airfare, hotel accommodations and transportation. If you want to experience all that Africa has to offer, however, you should get yourself a tour guide to take you right into the heart of the countryside !



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