Top Rated Hotels in Amelia Island

Looking for the top rated hotels in Amelia Island, Florida?  Well, if that’s what you are after, then look no further.  Below is a list of some of the top rated hotels in Amelia Island where you can spend and obtain an ultimate vacation experience.  Just note that these hotels in Amelia Island are ratedContinue reading “Top Rated Hotels in Amelia Island”

Adventure in the Caribbean

Caraibe  is known to be a French word for Caribbean. It is a region of America consisting Caribbean Sea. It is officially known as Caribbean islands having an area of 2,754,000. The islands of the Caribbean are often regarded as a region of North America. This region has more than 700 islands. Places to beContinue reading “Adventure in the Caribbean”

The Most Famous Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is largest global city with business hub of Middle East UAE. Dubai is known to be the most expensive city in Middle East where its top class hotels are rated as the second most expensive in the world. Its lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, as Dubai has been called the shoppingContinue reading “The Most Famous Places to Visit in Dubai”